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Oye, Time flies.

So, are we having fun yet? 

Well, you know, I've been blogging and writing - just not here.

But though it's been some time, I thought I would give you a forwarding address for my newest blog-a-venture, in case you stop by on a whim and get curious. Otherwise, if a blogger does a post and no one reads it, does the text get read? 




Stop by! Or not!

Hope you and yours are well.

~ Bill, Coyote.

And... the anthology is published.

Years of dreaming, months of writing, and endless sleepless nights have been spent preparing for this moment. While I still have a number of projects in the works, I have finally decided to enter the world as an author.

I have been self-employed before, but not in this capacity. I know many of my friends and family have their own businesses and interests; it is not my desire to pressure anyone into a hard sell situation. At the same time, of course, you must realize that informing you of this venture is essentially Marketing 101 - if your friends and family aren't interested in your work, then how likely will a complete stranger be convinced?

No, I won't be badgering or spamming you. However, this is a critical move for me. My career is in flux at the moment - if this goes well enough, I can move forward. If it goes poorly, I have time to reconsider. I won't lie to you - this is a dream for me,and the excitement at the potential of living a life doing what I love the most is counter balanced by the tremendous fear that this will be a failure. As such, I need you, to make this happen. I cannot do it alone.

Den of Dark Iniquities is an anthology of poetry, prose and short stories. Some of them have been seen and received favorably through other avenues; others I have kept private until now. As noted in the synopsis, the pieces range from gentle and romantic themes to notions that are adult, non traditional and decidedly uninhibited. 


I can only ask that you take a look. I cannot state enough how much that act alone will mean to me. If you do find yourself enjoying the work, I implore you to tell your friends. Times being what they are, the simple act of social networking will be the single best contributor to any potential success.

Thank you.

April 28, 2009

It's been awhile. A long while.

I blog on alt daily, just about. That's been an interesting experience. It'll be a year since joining the site on Thursday. (They like my writing there. That is its own reward. The half naked profile pics are totally just bonus material.)

I popped into GS the other day, for more than two minutes. I miss, not the gaming, which is a habit that needed breaking, but the friendships. The creativity. The inspiration. Having something to write about, a context. The challenge of the roleplay, et cetera.

As such, I think about those of you, most of whom are not as prolific as you once were. Peek in here and there to see if you're okay. I trust you are, but I suspect that I might not be made aware otherwise.

Sometimes the paths do split. That doesn't make me any less fond of the times we had. Life goes on. That sense of community, of intellectual, creative camaraderie - it hasn't really been replaced since. Not in the same way. I'm not sure it ever could. Not easily forgotten.

Take care.


So, I've been blogging on alt.com, since the end of May, and I haven't done much with this space. That sort of kills two birds with one stone - the fun/release of blogging and the added opportunity to meet a girl that might understand the twisted thoughts in my head.

In looking at my friend's list on here, I've come to realize a few things. One, I haven't kept up on my friends whatsoever. Lately, when I've come here, it's been to update the Dae'randir archives.

However, I sense mostly one sided relationships with all but a couple of close online friends. In that, I feel almost voyeuristic. That I have an interest in this or that person, and what happens in their life - is a token of what should be assumed is a sense of kinship. If that kinship is unreciprocated, however, then ... that's like stalking or something. Ha ha ha.

So, in the extremely near future, I'm going to dedicate this LJ account to my novel. Specifically, I'm going to use it to record/review aspects of the fictional world I started building years ago, and developed further during last year's Nanowrimo.

Pragmatically, it becomes necessary to privatize the original writing. But, still, there are several aspects of this process that I absolutely, positively, want some feedback on. The question becomes, "Who can I trust?" to not steal my original notions and, with greater talent, go forth and publish before I have a chance.

Offhand, I know of 2 active readers to my blog here. That doesn't mean there aren't lurkers, old friends who swing by on occasion, etc.

This is what I want from you. If you wish to remain on my friend list, specifically to potentially explore the process of world building with me, to offer feedback if/when you are able, or just to pat me on the virtual back and tell me how kickass I am (who doesn't want that?), then please leave a comment in the near future, or send a note.

If not, then I suspect this blog will be the only one visible for a long time to come and should suffice at explaining the appearance of no entries after this date.

To any who swing by, I wish you and yours all the best.


~ Bill, Coyote.

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